Thursday, June 4, 2009

IP Artificial Intelligence Module: The Center of Your IP Network

In about 20 years or maybe less, we should have already created an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) module that plugs in to our IP network. The sole purpose of this A.I. IP module is for automated governance of multiple Wide Area Networks (WAN) of the future.

This AI-IP module will be so advance that it will not rely solely on hardware power to completely manage your interconnected-network devices. I believe this A.I. module will contain sophisticated coding techniques that someday someone will discover. A.I. technology has been around so long, this should not take long to be discovered.

A sophisticated A.I.module for a computer network will act as the central control, no matter how many nodes you have on it. It can utilize a simple code tagging technique to a specific packet or traffic, keep track of the signature, payload, and behavior on its almost infinite database. The packet infrastructure of IP networks will evolve beyond IPv6.

No, this is not SkyNet. It will not be sentient, it will only follow what it has on its code.

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