Sunday, May 17, 2009

A quantum-powered laptop for my son's 22nd birthday

On his 22nd birthday, I decided to bring my son to the nearest Electronic Boutique and let him choose the gift he wants. I am proud of what my son has become, he inherited my passion and curiosity with computers, and her Mom's fortitude. He is a very-technical guy with a knack for street fashion and martial arts. In short, he reminds me of me when I was his age. He goes to work wearing old-school Chuck Taylor's, Tap-Out Shirts ( A famous Mix Martial Arts company back in the year 2006, now owned by UFC Inc.) faded Levis Jeans, a Long Sleeve Shirt by GAP, and baseball cap with a Google logo on it. Google was the leading and famous Search Engine back in the days of the Internet and silicon-powered microprocessors.

What even makes me even more proud on that day is he chose the gift me myself would choose. He chose a top-of-the-line Quantum-Powered Quad Core Laptop by Intel, developed by Apple. It is one of the slimmest and lightest laptop released this year. 80% of the body, including the keyboard is made of combined graphite, aluminum and composite materials used by NASA. making it super light yet virtually indestructible because of the Nanotechnology used to developed it. The material used in the body has the native characteristic of repelling materials that comes close to it, its like a mini-magnet but with a South Pole. It Is even rumored that the technology was derived from the nearby civilization discovered in the outskirts of Venus. But Intel and Apple refuses to give comment about this, since only the US Military has access to such technology, a thing frowned upon by the Neo United Nations.

My son gave me a full smile after I flashed my credit card in front of the automated cashier. The price was hefty, but it hella' worth it in my opinion. When I was at my son's age, I was using a laptop powered by silicon and transistors on their microprocessors. Silicon-based Microprocessors during those times only has two states, either a 1 or a 0, called the Binary System. It will take years to crack a 1024K-bit encrypted message using the laptops I used to use during those days. Now, even the cheapest Quantum-Powered Processor Netbooks can crack a 1024K-bit encrypted message in minutes.

I think not only my son will enjoy this new toy we are taking home, I am thinking of installing SETI@Home on it, then connect it to my 100-Gigabit Wireless Network at home to help my main computer's processor and resources in reaching signals far beyond Venus. Who knows, my son might be the next Galaxy Civilization discoverer, and not some UC Berkeley and MIT alumni. I am getting old, the year 2030 has been good to me and my finally. I am looking forward to visiting our retirement home back in our homeland, Neo Manila. But that will be another blog entry.

Cheers and reach for the stars!

(P.S. Although a fictional story, the future technology depicted here is a possibility. This story focuses on the future of Nanotechnology and Quantum Physics. It is getting more exciting every day as scientists and experts around the globe continue to push the limits of our current technology and discover new ones in the process.)

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