Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Learning Objective-C and Xcode

Hmmm, looks like its going to be a while before I update this blog with a security-related post. I am currently studying the Objective-C language and Xcode on my Mac. Although I have a new book here entitled "The Mac Hacker's Handbook" lying around, I have not yet touched a single page of it, maybe next month.

My ultimate goal in learning Objective-C is to create my own App for the iPhone and iPod environment. Apps are selling like pancakes on Apple's website, even the US Military is using their own custom App. They have iPod Touch's attached to their M4's. I'm not kidding. This makes their M4 assault rifles the most advance rifle in the planet. Imagine an App that automatically calculates the distance or tracks a moving target, an App that acts as a night vision, and even an App that will automatically fire the rifle, like an electronic triggering device, even remotely. Wow.

This is going to be fun, the learning curve is easier than I expected. Who knows, along the way I might stumble into an exploit. I am just hoping it will not be my App that I am working on, lol.
Sometimes I have to tell myself numerous times that I am not born a coder, I find it hard to digest even the most simple Regular Expressions, while I find it easy as pie configuring and troubleshooting multi-layered Cisco ACLs, lol.

Later guys.

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