Monday, July 13, 2009

The madness stopped on the 4th day: My Comcast Hell

It took them 4 days in total, to resolve a simple physical connection problem. Turns out that my actual cable was disconnected. The apartment located on the 2nd floor got disconnected from their Comcast Service so someone from Comcast Provisioning disconnected them. They did not even check that the connection was originating from a splitter, one goes to the apartment on top of me, one goes to my apartment. They disconnected the entire cable feed. Another epic provisioning to on-site tech coordination FAIL.

My savior on my 4th day in fire and brimstone of zero Internet was a good-natured on-site tech guy named Tom. Tom was a classic good-ol'-American gentleman. He reminded me of those 1950's to 60's Handymen portrayed on television. He has a cool utility belt with all the tools he need, he has a cool mustache and beard, and sports an old-school baseball cap. He was a little bit odd with his seemingly non-sense gibbering while tracing the coax cables from my living room all the way outside the veranda but one thing is for sure, he knows his craft. He knows how to pacify someone who has been deprived of their connection for days by virtue of hard-work and results. Comcast Tech Support people should take a page out of Tom's book of work ethics.

All work, less talk. No promises.

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