Friday, October 16, 2009

Thawte dumps free personal E-mail Certificates

Important Thawte&reg Personal E-mail Certificate Holder Notice

Thawte Personal E-mail Certificates and Web of Trust are being discontinued

Dear (My Complete Full Name - PacketBoy),
Over the past several years, security compliance requirements have become more restrictive, while the technology infrastructure necessary to meet these requirements has expanded greatly. Despite our strong desire to continue providing the Thawte Personal E-mail Certificate and Web of Trust services, the ever-expanding standards and technology requirements will outpace our ability to maintain these services at the high level of quality we require. As a result, Thawte Personal E-Mail Certificates and theWeb of Trust will be discontinued on November 16, 2009 and will no longer be available after that date.

Deciding to conclude these services was a difficult decision for us to bear, specifically because of the community that has been built around these products over the years.

To express our gratitude and sincere appreciation for being a part of our Thawte community, we would like to offer you up to $100.00 off the purchase price of our SSL and/or code signing certificates.

If you would like to take advantage of our offer, please forward this email to our sales department. Their contact details are listed at the foot of this message. Please note that this offer expires on November 16, 2009.

We have also made a special arrangement with VeriSign regarding replacing your personal email certificate. VeriSign's exclusive offer to you is for a FREE 1-year replacement personal email certificate - a $19.95 value. This offer will be open for 2 months after the service is discontinued and will no longer be available after January 16, 2010. Simply follow appropriate link below to request your certificate:

MS Internet Explorer:

For Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, or Apple Safari:

You may replace each of your active certificates with a VeriSign® Digital ID for Secure Email using the following token(s):


Click here to receive answers to questions you may have with regard to enrolment for and installation of your free VeriSign Digital ID class 1:

For answers to further questions you may have about the discontinuation of this service and the impact to your existing certificates please refer to the following FAQ:
(we will keep this FAQ updated with responses to common questions)

We hope we can keep you in the Thawte family as customers of our SSL and code signing products. Thank you for your support of Thawte Personal E-mail Certificates and Web of Trustover the years.

Kind regards,

Thawte Technical Support
FAQ: Click here for FAQ

If you would like to take advantage of our free SSL and code signing offer, please forward this email to our sales department using the details listed below:
North American Sales
Tel: +1 888 484 2983

Online Chat: Click Here to Chat
International Sales
Tel: +27 21 937 8902

Online Chat: Click Here to Chat

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