Monday, September 21, 2009

PDF Reader Risk Mitigation and Herd Mentality in IT Security Best Practice

The prevailing trend for security conscious system administrators and IT personnel nowadays regarding the risks that Adobe Acrobat PDF reader presents in the network is to dump the entire PDF reader application in favor of another.

This trend is an attempt to accomplish Risk Avoidance. Risk Avoidance is a Risk Management Method wherein you terminate the activity that is introducing the risk. In short, no need to implement and keep track of your Risk Mitigation process since there is nothing to keep track of in the first place. No Adobe PDF Reader, no risk. And why worry about Adobe PDF Reader Zero-Day exploits when you can use another PDF reader that is not affected by such vulnerabilities? Ok, that sounds logical and you may have a point Mr. IT Admin Sir, but please listen.

Enter Foxit PDF reader, the leading candidate and alternative for Adobe's dominant PDF Reader. However, converting your entire company to Foxit PDF reader does not guarantee 100% Risk Avoidance. The Top 2 misconceptions about Foxit PDF Reader are the following:

1. Foxit PDF Reader does not have Javascript (Who needs Javascript on a document reader anyways?!)

>False. Foxit PDF Reader (the most recent version in time of this writing is also has Javascript and as a matter of fact, is also enabled by default during first installation. So go ahead and disable that damn Javascript by going to Tools>Preferences>Javascript and remove the check mark to disable it.

2. Foxit PDF Reader doesn't have exploits and vulnerabilities like Adobe PDF Reader.

>False. Although Adobe PDF Reader leads in scoring when it comes to exploits and vulnerabilities (Like 10 Exploits Adobe PDF Reader, and 2 Exploits Foxit PDF Reader) Foxit has its own share of bad apples. From Buffer Overflow Exploit to Remote Denial of Service Exploit, yes, Foxit is also prone to PDF-related exploits and vulnerabilities.

It won't take long for malware authors and security researchers to create new and more exploits targeting alternative PDF readers such as Foxit PDF Reader. The same rule applies when dumping Adobe PDF Reader in favor of another; patch your applications and systems on a regular basis, keep tab of Zero-Day exploits. Enforce your company or organization Policies, Standards, Baselines, Guidelines and Procedures to the full extent but not to the point that you lose your sanity in the process, and your co-workers start tagging you as control freak.

Although I find random on-the-spot, casual conversation, Security Awareness Training the best tactic one can employ inside the workplace. So every morning, while lining up for coffee at the pantry room, go ahead and break some "cool" and "leet" IT security news to your fellow workers, they will enjoy it as long as you tell the story like how movies tell them. Avoid jargon and acronyms please and make it exciting. Think Quentin Tarantino directing a hacker-movie.

Bruce Schneier made an excellent point on his speech about "The Future of the Security Industry: IT is Rapidly Becoming a Commodity" on a recent OWASP Meet. Bruce mentioned that the trend nowadays with IT security is slowly turning into a somewhat herd mentality. They are doing it, so let's do it, that kind of thing. Even current Best Practices recommended by the community is suffering from such herd-mentality syndrome. I somehow agree on this notion since everywhere I go and every material I read describes a Best Practice guide which usually doesn't always apply to all.

We need to treat each system, no matter how closely it resembles other systems, as a unique system with a different set of variables and behavior. So please, stop treating those Best Practice Guides as your bible and study your network how it behaves.


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